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Sierra Foothills is an active meber of the NCJLA. The NCJLA staff are actively serving on the US Lacrosse Safe Return to Play Advisory Group. More information about the USL Safe Return to Play can be found HERE

The NCJLA Return to Play Planning Committee has completed and the NCJLA Board of Directors has approved the Infectious Disease Modification Plan for Games and Events for use by the NCJLA Clubs.

A few items to note:

  1. Information related to the prevention and mitigation of infectious diseases such as COVID-19 are ongoing. Clubs who wish to use these plans and resources should check the version history. Updates will be made as information is provided by the State of CA and CDC.gov.

  2. The NCJLA choose to call this the Infectious Disease Modification Plan so that in the unfortunate event that another virus such as COVID-19 causes a pandemic the NCJLA will have plans in place to activate. 

  3. Clubs may use this plan and related documents to secure fields for off season activities and for spring 2021 games. Many of the protocols, rule sheets, reporting forms, etc. referenced in the document are NOT ACTIVE. These are pending publication or activation after the NCJLA Delegates Meeting Sept 26, 2020. 

  4. The Infectious Disease Modification Plan is written for club administrators. The NCJLA highly recommends that clubs review this document internally and provide parents with copies of the checklists.

  5. The Responsibilities for Each Participant Checklists are written for parents, spectators, officials, players, club safety managers, and volunteers, The NCJLA STRONGLY recommends that club administrators use these checklists to introduce participants to what will be expected of them if they participate in lacrosse activities. 

  6. The NCJLA can only enforce compliance with roster requirements for teams registered in the league, and protocols at NCJLA events. It is up to the club to meet the State of CA public health orders for their county or the venue. There have already been reports of permits being canceled because organizations are not screening or taking prevention measures for COVID-19. The NCJLA has no control over wether or not a venue cancels a permit because a club did not meet the standards. We encourage club leaders to reach out to the NCJLA if they are unsure about how they will meet these new requirements for health and safety.


We encourage club leaders with ideas and resources that will make compliance with public safety requirements more manageable for NCJLA volunteers to submit them via email to execdirector@ncjla.org.

Currently Published Resources from Outside the NCJLA

NCJLA Resources for Member Clubs

NCJLA Resources Pending

  • NCJLA Safety Manager Identification
  • 2021 Rules Sheets, Scheduling Appendix, Game Protocols, and Field Diagrams
  • NCJLA Infectious Disease Incident reporting form (inactive till Jan 2021)